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 AIT Helps Improve the Lives and Learning of Those with Autism, ADHD, Hyperacute Hearing, Speech Delays & 10 Days.

The AIT Institute is the #1 Provider off AIT At Home Services globally and is the largest AIT resource website in the world.

AIT is the #1 clinically studied auditory based educational intervention!  All sessions are conveniently completed at home under the supervision of an AIT Practitioner. AIT services are available in the USA, Canada and other English speaking countries.

AIT requires 10 hours of sound therapy, with 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, done 2 times daily over 10 consecutive days.  This listening therapy helps to correct hyperacute hearing,  tinnitus and other auditory challenges.

AIT has been used successfully with children and adults with many different diagnoses for over 60 years.  

Remarkable results are achieved for many families. There are more than 60+ years of clinical research and 28+ scientific studies on AIT.

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Meo The Pharaoh of Cats

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written by Connie Soles, AIT Practitioner, Virginia, USA

Illustrated by Andrew Porter

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"After AIT, Andrew’s hearing sensitivity has decreased to the point he is now able to eat at a noisy McDonald’s Restaurant without wearing his customary ear plugs."

About Andrew Porter, Book Illustrator

Andrew Porter is a nineteen year old young man who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.  Overly sensitive hearing is what brought Andrew to me (Connie Soles, AIT Practitioner) for Auditory Integration Training.

Connie says "While receiving AIT Andrew began to sketch Sarge, the cat whose curiosity brought him into the treatment room.  I was amazed at Andrew’s drawing ability and was inspired to write "Meo: The Pharaoh of Cats" challenging Andrew to be the illustrator. 

After AIT, Andrew’s hearing sensitivity has decreased to the point he is now able to eat at a noisy McDonald’s Restaurant without wearing his customary ear plugs.  I

 believe that Andrew is an inspiration to others who are on the autism spectrum.  I predict that Andrew will have a bright future as a computer artist!"

About The Story, Meo The Pharoah of Cats

"Mrs. Soles’ childhood friend and writer Jesse Miller related his unique experience with Sarge, his son’s cat. Sarge was left in Miller’s care as his nineteen-year-old son, Taylor, was deployed by the US Army to Afghanistan. After only six weeks of military service, nineteen-year-old Taylor was killed by a female suicide bomber, and Jesse became Sarge’s permanent caregiver in Spout Springs, Virginia.

One night at the RV campsite in Spout Springs, Virginia, Jesse noticed Sarge sitting in the middle of a circle of cats as if he were special. This formed the idea for an amazing children’s story. When Jesse purchased the cat from a pet store, he was told that the orange-and-white-striped Egyptian cat had been named Sarge. As Jesse thought about Egypt and Sarge, the story of a pharaoh turning two servants, Meo and Cleo, into time traveling cats came to be.

At one time the cats had been human. Why had the two servants turned into cats? Everyone knew that cats were sacred in Egypt and were protected for life. The death penalty was ordered for anyone who killed a cat. Meo, the male cat, was set adrift on the Nile, while the female cat, Cleo, was imprisoned in the royal palace. It was apparent that Meo and Cleo loved each other and could never be happy apart.

Could there be some mysterious connection between Sarge and the Egyptian cat Meo? As you read the exciting story, you will learn why Sarge was revered by a group of strange cats as he discovers his destiny and his place in history. Follow the two cats on their journey to reunite after being banished by the pharaoh."

About The Author, Connie Soles

Connie Soles majored in voice at East Carolina University in Greenville, N. C. with  a degree in Music Education. She also holds an M. A. in Counseling from Hampton University.  While in college Connie played “Maria” in “West Side Story” her freshman year.  Her many experiences on stage, as well as piano, ballet, and tap lessons have equipped her with unique teaching abilities that have made her a very successful and popular teacher. Her teaching skills were challenged when scheduled with classes of autistic children. Teaching special needs children requires a trial and error approach which she believes is the reason that she was and is flexible, has honed her sense of humor, and is willing to try almost anything to reach student needs.

Connie created a one-of-a-kind curriculum and became a distance learning instructor teaching children how to write original songs on a Macintosh computer and synthesizer during twice a week live educational broadcasts.  Because of this telecourse she was invited to Moscow, Russia to teach Russian teachers of gifted Russian students the use of technology in the American classroom.

Connie was named national teacher of the year for technology with her original curriculum developed on an Macintosh computer and synthesizer, although the contest was sponsored by IBM.

Upon retirement Connie Soles created a non-profit organization, AudioHope, using a very specialized music -based intervention called Auditory Integration Training to treat ADHD and autistic clients yielding amazing results.

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